HOLY is a collection of Cardano staking pools running on state-of-the-art server hardware in a high-availability environment with just enough fees to cover the running costs. With 99.999% uptime p.a. HOLY pools are one of the most reliable nodes in the Cardano network.

0 fixed fee     -     4% tax ratio     -     0 tax limit
Ticker: HOLY
ID: 15d5c10a0d287be7ac3945c8a92a27b4d8420ce7e800be046f4947af46982a31

3-step delegation

  • Delegate

    Delegate your ADAs to our stake pool with just 3 clicks in either your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.

  • Our part

    We're doing everything to provide a 24/7 service. You won't have to do anything else than wait.

  • Rewards

    You will get your rewards automatically each and every day. You can undelegate and use them at any time.

Pool specs

We're using state-of-the-art server hard- and software.
Everything is proven to work perfecty together to provide a seamless experience under
every condition, no matter if natural disaster or hardware failure - we are ready.

  • 99.999% uptime
  • 24/7 monitored
  • 50 MBit up
  • Telegram automatic bot
  • 4% fee

While most pools provide 99.99% uptime p.a., this just wasn't enough for us. We chased for more - and are able to provide it. Our physical separated server-nodes are running in a fault-tolerant mode, which let's one node continue the work within milliseconds if the other fails. Further, our servers are monitored and will automatically notify our admins if an error occurs, whether it's harmless or critical. To provide our delegators monitoring as well, we created a Telegram bot that keeps you up2date with updates about pool saturation, block count, performance, and of course - ROI.

Pool tools

If you want to see every statistic about our pool, choose one of these
pool Tools or just join our Telegram group to get daily updates from our holy bot.